Wax Removal Service

Ear Wax

Everyone makes ear wax, the amount we produce differs from person to person.  Occasionally the ear canal can become blocked, this can just be due to the natural build up, or due to our own intervention.

‘So how do you clean your ears’ I hear you ask, in simple terms – You don’t.

The ears are usually self-cleaning, they do so by skin renewal that starts near the ear drum migrating towards the outer ear.

The process usually takes 6 weeks, as we get older the rate in which the skin renews itself and the migratory process out of the ear canal slows down.



Ageing also means:

1)  The elastic tissues in the canal loses its elasticity, which can cause narrowing of the ear canal.

2) The skin is less oily and so any wax we create doesn’t move as easily, dryer wax it tends to be harder wax.

So How Should You Remove Ear Wax

Cotton wool buds whilst great for makeup, should be avoided at all costs when dealing with the ears. (Just check your internet for “cotton buds in ears” and you’ll see videos to make you wince!)

Over the counter sprays and dissolving ear drops may soften the wax aiding the wax to come out naturally if there is a small build up but will not help if ear canal is blocked.

Like cotton wool buds, using gadgets bought over the internet can make matters worse by compacting the wax further or pushing it down onto the ear drum or damaging the tissues of the ear canal.

At Binns Hearing, we are able to offer clients a range of solutions for the removal of ear wax. This starts with video orthoscopy where we are able to show and explain to clients exactly what we are able to see in the ear canal, advise them on the general health of the ear canal, how much wax build up they have and offer a suitable solution on how to deal with any build ups we can see. (If you don’t want to see don’t worry you don’t have to see it)

So How Should You Remove Ear Wax

Wax Removal Services

Dry removal

A way of removing wax from the outer third part of the ear canal by lifting wax out using a lighted instrument with a small circular loop. This is carefully inserted into the ear canal to lift out wax.

Micro suction

Classed as being the safest and most efficient method to remove wax, this is used if the wax is in the outer third to halfway down the ear canal.


There is less stress on the eardrum, canal and can be carried out even if there’s a perforation of the eardrum present or grommets.

We use a medical grade suction device “Hospivac 400 system” which is clinic based. This is a quieter system than most Micro suction devices but has controls to regulate the level of suction, so only increased levels are used on stubborn blockages.


Although the most time consuming if the wax is difficult to reach via Microsuction this method is available.

It’s been used for many years to remove wax by GPs and audiologists and can still be very effective, but it’s used less now due to possible side effects including dizziness which can be unnerving for clients.

No matter the method used, an ENT grade video-otoscope will be used to check the canals before and after the procedure to ensure the eardrums are fully visible.