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Consultations: what happens at appointments ?

The initial appointment would normally take 1-1.5 hours. Your history is taken i.e how long you have had the hearing problem. Do you have family members also with hearing loss etc.

Your ears are examined using a camera so that you may also see inside your ear. It is important that ears are not fully blocked with wax as this may add to the hearing loss. The ear drum is examined to make sure that we are happy that it is healthy.

We now proceed to the hearing test where you will be requested to sit in a sound treated room to have the test carried out. At the end of the test we discuss the outcome.


It is now important to find out more about you!. What is your lifestyle like is it demanding or not so much these days. Do you like using technology or do you prefer that a lot of the work is done for you?

How good is your dexterity, can you pick up small objects with ease. What level is your hearing at, how much power do we need. And what would you feel comfortable using.

Size shouldn’t be the most important, but quality of sound should be number one. We evaluate your requirements and this relates to what level of product.

Once we have discussed what style, size and level of technology we can provide you with a quote to takeaway and consider. For this appointment a fee of £25.00 would be expected.

Should you wish to go ahead with the order that day an impression of the ear would be taken, or impressions could be taken at a later appointment which would take 15 to 20 minutes.

Upon the order a deposit of £100 will be requested. When the product is fitted we would expect the payment of the balance, you then have a 30 day money back trial. Within the trial period stated if you are not satisfied we can try another product or we can refund except the £100 deposit as this covers our professional fees/expenses.

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